Waste management may be the least fun part of event planning, but it’s also an extremely important one. Good Land works with events of all types and sizes to plan effective cleanup, waste disposal, and recycling solutions. From local drive-in movie nights to nationally recognized festivals, we can provide any event with sustainable-minded cleanup, recycling and trash removal, and mobile restroom services. 

Based on factors such as attendance, location, type of event, as well as your sustainability goals, Good Land will create and implement a strategy to keep your event looking great and running smoothly.

Courtesy of Festival Latino

Courtesy of Festival Latino


Before the event, Good Land meets with you during planning stages to gain an understanding of the event, determine your needs, and develop a plan of action.

During the event, Good Land provides all of the labor services and equipment you need to ensure a clean and sustainable event. Depending on your needs, this can include trash and recycling containers, dumpsters, and mobile restrooms. (Please see our full list of event services.)

After the event, Good Land ensures the event location is returned to its original state, as well as manages the dumpster and mobile restroom removal.

Courtesy of Columbus Downtown Development Corporation

Courtesy of Columbus Downtown Development Corporation


  • Dumpsters
    Waste material collection & removal
    Recycling material collection & removal
    Organic material collection & removal

  • Mobile restroom management
    Including hand washing & paper towel stations

  • Labor for general cleanup before & after event
    Litter/refuse pickup & disposal
    Changing trash & recycling bags

  • Providing & managing containers throughout event
    Waste, recycling, & organic material

  • Power-washing after event

If you want your event to include even more eco-friendly features, Good Land can provide you with other supplemental environmental services. Contact us to find out more.