Good Land was founded to provide skills, expertise, and leadership to the many organizations in our community looking to become more environmentally conscious. The value that Good Land brings to a partnership includes four major types of benefits:


A sustainable business model pays off.” –Business Insider

Our partners have the potential to decrease operational costs, including utilities, recycling, and other waste management services. 

  • MSW

  • Recyclables

  • Organics

  • Electronics donation

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Labor


Conservation is the application of common sense to common problems for the common good.” –Gifford Pinchot

When your business or event partners with Good Land, you are reducing your environmental impact and contributing to a greener future. 

  • Diversion of recyclable and compostable materials from local landfills

  • Reduction in energy usage

  • Compliance with governmental environmental regulations


9/10 Americans say ‘conscious consumer' describes them well.” –BBMG

Differentiate your business or event in a crowded market by partnering with Good Land. We give you a competitive advantage with unique promotional and marketing opportunities.  

  • Competitive advantage

  • Content for social media accounts

  • Improved consumer and community standing


Benefits of sustainability, employee morale, and culture are linked to productivity, recruitment, and retention.” –Huffington Post

Today's emerging workforce cares a lot about environmental issues. Making eco-friendly practices part of your culture has lasting benefits for your organization.

  • Improved employee morale

  • Increased health and fitness

  • Recruitment and retention