Mike Minnix - Principal, Chief Consultant and Dumpster Diver

Minnix has been working in the sustainability field for over nine years, initially designing and managing environmental programs at some of the nation’s largest events, including Super Bowl 43and 44, the 2007 and 2008 American Quarter Horse Congress, the 2007-2009 Ohio State Fair, and the 2008 Good Guys Nationals

In addition to large-scale events, Minnix has worked with a variety of partners ranging in all segments of foodservice. His focus has primarily been on universities, convention centers, hospitality, quick-service, stadiums and arenas, catering operations, and healthcare.

In 2009, Minnix launched the company Eartha Limited to tackle the sustainability problems facing many businesses and corporations located in the state of Ohio. His work at Eartha facilitated the passing of the Franklin County Source Separated Recycling Policy. Subsequently, Columbus Alivenamed Minnix as a 2010 Person to Watch, and in early 2011, Eartha Limited earned the distinction of Columbus’s Best New Business of the Year

Using his experience and expertise, Minnix joined Zink Foodservice Group in 2013 to launch Zink Sustainable Solutions. Minnix traveled around North America to speak at various events and educate diverse audiences about sustainability.