New Year, New Garden

You feel that creeping up on you?

No, its not your weird uncle during the annual family cookout on Memorial day. 

There's always next year...

There's always next year...

Its summer and its here. 

This garden and the accompanying blog (my first) were started solely to post as many things on social media as possible and satisfy my unshakable and endless narcissism. 

Ahhhhhh, I got you again.  

This garden was started for two reasons:

  1. I like to grow things. This is my hobby. I get to be outside all day and listen to music. I eat a lot of veggies. These all count as one. 
  2. My good friends own Market 65 , a restaurant that specializes in salads with local and healthy ingredients. Market 65 will use everything in the restaurant that I don't eat first. 

Posts will consists mainly of progress pictures, garden problems, solutions, how-to projects,  scary bugs, funny shaped vegetables and me, if I'm having a good hair day.  

I've gardened for a few years and am learning happens all the time and I want to share. 

Plant count (I don't have them all yet... patience please):

18 tomato varieties, 15 Pepper varieties, 16 herb, 6 kale, 4 lettuce, 2 okra, eggplant, tomatillo, brussel sprouts, beans, and peas. We will soon add zucchini, cucumber, artichoke, squash and a few others. 

This is fun for me. Lets have fun together. 

Behold the beauty that is... Garden 65.

Brought to you by Good Land Sustainability Consultants.

I like it a lot. 

Please check back for updates.