Nailed It

I love this show and John Oliver recently talked about something close to me. 

I've spent years explaining the 'Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act' and this perfectly sums it up. People in this country go to bed hungry while we throw perfectly good food into the landfill instead of donating it out of fear that somebody will be sued because of a food safety issue.

Not one person has ever been sued when donating food. Not. One. Person. 

This is you: That can't be true. I dont believe it. I'm gonna Google that. Why am I talking to myself out loud?

After it can no longer be donated, it should be composted or taken to an anaerobic digester. 

Watch the NSFW video due to bad words. Please use earmuffs on the little ones if they don't know bad words yet (don't kid yourself, they know them).